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IV vitamin Drip

We are made of what we eat…well, what we assimilate. We beleive food is medicine and let our medicine be your food. What food lacks are unfortunately many essential vital micro nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. This is where we step in. IV Therapy tailored for you. Whether before the big event, to fight off an illness, or perhaps your just in need of a boost. IV Therapy may be right for you.

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Natural Energizing and Immune Building shots

ENERGY Boosting Shots! Immune Enhancing Shots! Yes, Not; “lets take a quick energy drink for the shot working caffeine to jolt you awake for a few hours!  We are speaking about Vitamins, Minerals, Nutrients and Homeopathic Shots working to provide the ENERGY you need, the Immune Support you want for days! Feel the NATURAL boosting POWER of our customized and unique blends that have proven results! Dr. Inouye has been perfecting his formulations over the past decade for best RESULTS! Call today for a Quick boost that has LASTING effects.