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After nine months of “conventional” doctoring (pain pills, CAT scans, MRI’s) for an injured left shoulder, I was offered surgery as my final solution; even though the medical doctors never actually determined what the problem was. At this time (with my arm in a sling) I enrolled in a class taught by Dr. Inouye and quickly decided that I needed to consider “alternative” treatment. With his expertise, I was completely pain-free in less than a month and without ever seeing the inside of an operating room. Since that time, he has balanced my hormones, helped me overcome stress related problems, gotten me on a workable weight-loss program and has just completed treatment on my right elbow for tendonitis caused by repetitive movement, and low back pain. I’ve always appreciated very much his willingness to work with my specialists whenever necessary. Additionally, he has helped me discontinue use of pharmaceutical drugs as well. I would never have believed that such remarkable results were possible prior to seeing him.
During the last year, I consulted and treated with him for PRP Micropen treatment for collagen induction on my face and neck. I also had performed the natural filler also called PRP cannulization for wrinkles as well. For arms and abdomen, I had lipodissolve done. I am excited to say that the results exceeded my expectations. All procedures worked extremely well with very natural looking results. I feel better and have more energy than I had experienced in the twenty years prior to meeting him. For this I am forever grateful to Dr. Vance Inouye. “

LK, Forever Grateful!
I started using pain medication. I lost control and went out to Texas to get cleaned up. While I was sobering up in Texas, on January 7th, 2002, I was sitting up in a chair at the hospital, and I fell asleep with my arm over the back of a chair I was in.

“This cut off the circulation to the radial ulnar nerve, around the humerus, on the inside of my left bicep, compressing it. This is called Saturday Night Palsy (see the link provided http://www.ncemi.org/cse/cse0919.htm ). Many claim that I hurt my arm ‘shooting up’. People do not inject drugs in the inside of their arm above the elbow, into the bicep, so the shooting up bit is false.

“The Doctor in Texas said that I was probably not going to be able to use my arm any more than 80%, ‘if I was lucky’. And he also said I ‘would probably not play again’.

“This was not acceptable to me. So I went back from Texas to Scottsdale, Arizona, because I wanted to go to see my doctor, Raj Singh, about my arm. After I got evaluated I returned to Texas to finish my treatment and started off on what took four months of grueling physical therapy at the Spire Institute in Scottsdale with Nathan Koch, acupuncture with Doctor Vance Inouye, chiropractic adjustments from Doctor William Tikey — the founder of Spire Institute, weight training for over a year, and loads of prayers.

“Dr. Singh pronounced that I had completely recovered and that my arm was 100% healed after that time. Following this good news I started playing again and located a guitar teacher to help my re-learn my craft named Ric Flauding.

Read More at: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/dave-mustaine-talks-about-his-arm-injury/#X8QoM4zfZJkKWgEi.99

Dave Mustaine speaks on arm injury

Rissa had an injury to right ankle which compromised the integrity of the other ligaments, tendons, and muscles which affected her passion of dancing, leaping, and jumping. The pain progessively worsened, swelling, bruising, throbbing with pain which medications and other treatments didn’t help. Surgery was looking like her only option. Rissa and her husband made the decision upon the advice and recommendation of Tokyo Kevin Inouye to be treated by Dr. Vance Inouye N.M.D for 3 alternative therapies of: prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma, and Ozone therapy. After 4 weeks she was given the great news from her orothpaedis that surgery was not needed. Rissa ankle is good now.
Why share this story with you?
before doing surgery or decide to live with chronic pain consider alternative therapies. Pro athletes and dancers have used these therapies with success. also result are practitioner specific. If you can make it to phoenix, Dr Vance Inouye is the best of the best. Rissa believes she would have had surgery if it wasn’t for the results from his treatment. Besides being an amazing Doctor who educates on how to maintain a healthy body (esp. important for dancers) he is also an wonderfully generous, kind hearted, and a caring person

Feeling Thankful!, Dancers and Athletes especially!

“I am a 39 year old extremely active female. My diet and workout regime is and has always been my top priority. Last May, for unknown reasons, I suddenly, figuratively, hit the wall. I found myself needing much more sleep and having much less stamina than usual. I would push myself to do my 6 – 8 mile runs and my 30 – 40 mile cycling thinking that my fatigued condition would eventually pass, only to find that I needed 2 – 3 days to recover from my workouts.I was in what seemed like a never ending downward spiral and went to visit many doctors who would perform various tests that never turned up anything abnormal. I was continually told that everything was OK and that I was in good health. I knew, however, that I wasn’t. I needed someone to listen me. I then thought of Dr. Inouye with whom I had worked with about 9 months prior until my yoga and massage business took me in another direction.I was so desperate that one day I broke down and contacted him at home to ask if he would help me. Being the wonderful soul that he is, he unhesitatingly agreed.Only two weeks later, I began to notice a huge improvement. Four weeks into Dr. Inouye’s prescribed program, I began to feel my stamina return, my head felt clear again and my social life was alive again. It was a very far cry from barely being able to get through my workday.My whole life has turned around since then. I don’t know that I can express on paper how much it means to me to experience the revived aliveness in my life. I owe it all to the man that I placed my complete trust in. My deepest gratitude and appreciation goes to Dr. Inouye. He took the time to listen.

T.H, Getting Back on Track

“I was first introduced to Dr. Inouye when began to study the martial arts. I quickly learned that he knew more about health and wellness than most health “experts”. I say that because I have worked as a Master Fitness Trainer in the military, I was on the Army Triathlon team and I have worked with biochemists and dietitians to optimize one’s diet.After speaking with Dr. Inouye about my diet and exercise routine, he put together a plan for me that provided results I had not been able to achieve before. My LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides dropped and my HDL (good) cholesterol increased. I put on over 10 pounds of muscle and kept a lean fat mass.At one extreme you have an MD that scoffs at anything considered “complement arty and alternative” treatments. This is someone who has been extensively educated and trained in evidence based medicine. The “gold standard” in this system of medical research is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study.At the other extreme you can have someone that has not been formally educated or trained at an accredited institution of higher learning, does not utilize evidence=based medicine, uses “magic” lotions, potions, crystals and herbs and thinks that mainstream medicine inclusive of surgery and pharmaceuticals is evil.There is always a little bit of truth in both extremes, whether you are talking healthcare, politics or finances. A good physician is knowledgeable about both ends of the healthcare spectrum and has first-hand experience to integrate the best of both worlds. Additionally, he/she will utilize the best resources that technology has to offer as well as to tap into the wisdom of ancient healing systems the world over. This is where Dr. Inouye enters.I am impressed with how much Dr. Inouye understands about clinical nutrition and biochemistry, more so than any MD or DO is aware of. He has the knowledge and tools to help a peak performer go to the next level or someone that has hit an impasse in their baseline health and well-being. As a medical student at a conventional medical school in Chicago, I know that most physicians are trained to alleviate acute symptoms rather than to treat the whole person; the body, mind and spirit. Dr. Inouye has the training, knowledge and insight to help you to achieve an increased level of health wherever the individual is in the spectrum of health. He takes a balanced approach to one’s health care, never hesitating to work jointly with an MD, DO, DC, etc.
I hope that be able to work with Dr. Inouye in the future once I am in practice as I know my future patients will greatly benefit by what Dr. Inouye can offer.”

B.K, Army Triathlete's Seal of Approval