A Transformation in Health

Medicine that is dynamic, innovative, and customized to you.

Ready for a transformation in health? Redefined medicine, transition in healthcare, and change in the status quo. Tired of the feeling of generic ineffective treatments.It’s time for change! A regeneration of how medicine is done and how we are healed. Individualized medicine, custom healthcare with real change, which see’s you as a whole person. A new improved healthy you.


Regenerative Health Group’s vision is to set the standard of care for Naturopathic Medicine in Arizona. Created out of the necessity for alternative forms of healthcare and pain management, we strive to treat each of our patients as part of the family.


Dr. Vance Inouye, NMD

Professional Associations:

– Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association

– American Academy of Ozonotherapy

Dr. Vance Inouye, NMD

Dr. Vance Inouye is an Arizona-licensed board certified Naturopathic Physician serving the greater Phoenix area since 1998. His unique comprehensive approach and individualized pain management therapies have been refined through years of extensive and advanced training. He blends natural with conventional therapeutics. He is committed to improving his patient’s health and decreasing their pain. Dr. Inouye’s personal goal is to treat all aspects of his patient: Spirit, Mind and Body. Dr. Inouye received his Doctorate from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ, one of the nation’s top Naturopathic medical schools.

Additional Credentials and Positions

  • Former Adjunct Faculty for Mesa Community College.
  • Former Adjuct Faculty of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Former Focus Committee Member for the Mesa Community College Holistic Health Program.
  • Inductee to Who’s Who in American Colleges & Universities
  • Former Member of the Board of Advisors for the International Nutritional Microscopy Association.
  • Certified in Sports Massage by Dr. Myk Hungerford, PhD in Physical Therapy. (Dr. Hungerford was instrumental in the development of the field of sports massage.)
  • Former Adjunct Faculty for the Rainstar University.
  • Founder and Director of the Heaven and Earth Institute for Health and Longevity (Tenchi Shiki Ryoho).

Professional Associations:

– Member of Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association

Eugene Muro, NMD

Eugene Muro, NMD: is an Arizona Licensed board certified Naturopathic Physician serving the greater Phoenix area. Dr. Eugene Muro’s passion is working with patients to help them discover health and freedom from pain. He recieved his medical degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.  His passion is to connect, impact, motivate, inspire, and empower patients into optimal health. His focus has been in Pain Management, Regenerative Injection Therapies, Hormone Replacement Therapy and Fat Loss. His hearts is to serve others because of those who have impacted his and his families health in medicine.

Professional Associations:

– Member of American Association of Naturopathic Physician (AANP)

– Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association (AZNMA)

Dr. Neil Morris 

Dr. Neil Morris, is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor with a focus on Regenerative Injection Therapy and Health Optimization. He graduated from an accredited school Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and currently is doing his Residency at Regenerative Health Group as his primary location. He has been in medicine for over 20 years and was a Registered Nurse prior to Naturopathic Medicine with experience in Cardiovascular Intensive Care, Surgical Trauma Intensive Care, Post-Surgical Anesthesia Recovery, Endoscopy and Special Procedures: Bone Marrow Biopsy. He became interested in Naturopathic Medicine due to his own personal experience with being recommended surgery and he opted for Regenerative Injection Therapy which prevented him from having surgery. Dr. Morris takes an individualized approach to his patients’, utilizing the latest comprehensive functional medicine and combining nature’s principles to stimulate his patients’ body natural ability to heal.